Historical Building

With careful planning, the historical significance of the old building will be preserved, through the restoration of its 1900 facades, when it was at its most significant as a wine and brandy outlet of the respected Collision brothers, the pioneers of South African brandy. Sympathetic architectural treatment adds eight storeys of elegant glass floors above, without detracting from the historic building.

From the second floor upward, each of the floors will have sweeping views over Table Mountain and institutional Cape Town. The Provincial government buildings, the parliament and the high court are all located within easy walking distance, while Bree and Loop streets are alive with coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and newly developed international hotels and modern office blocks.

Modern City Living

The ground floor of the historic building will house an up-market food and beverage outlet. The two floors above will function well as office or exhibition space, while the remaining seven floors will function as single tenant offices, or home offices. The inner city trends of many of the world’s modern cities will be encouraged, with the fusion of work and living space, and dependence on commuting to work being eliminated through the office home. No in-structure parking will be provided, the location of 136 Bree is well served by ample street parking and there are many long term parking options available within easy walking distance.

Practical Finishes

Each floor will have, as a minimum specification, modern floor finishes, dimmable recessed lighting, air-conditioning, energy saving hot water provision, prepaid electricity metering, and fiber communication to each floor. Discreetly positioned ablution facilities, and efficient kitchen space, has been designed to optimize space and will be finished to high specifications.

Detailed Information

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Schedule of Areas to Let

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The property is located on the corner of Bree and Dorp Street in the centre of Cape Town.